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You need a certified translation? Order it easily via the store – no matter what time of day! Upload a scan of the document and pay for your certified translation conveniently via Paypal. 

You will receive your sworn translation either stamped and signed on paper by mail or digitally with an electronic signature by e-mail.

Document translation overview

The certified translations of the following documents are often required. You can find all other documents conveniently via the store.

Overview of countries

We often provide certified translations for documents from the following countries. 

You can find many other documents from a lot more countrys in our Shop.


uebersetzungen.kaufen works exclusively with selected sworn translators. They are specialized in the translation of certificates and official documents. This way we guarantee high quality and satisfied customers.

For authorities and courts you need officially certified translations. We at uebersetzungen.kaufen are sworn translators in Germany and therefore authorized to produce certified translations for any official use. 

You are in a hurry? Get your certified translations even faster with our express option. To save shipping time, we offer some translations electronically signed so that we can send them by e-mail.

You can comfortably pay for your certified translation by bank transfer, debit or credit card, direct debit or Paypal. This is fast and secure. Of course, you will receive an invoice with VAT.

How does it work?

You can order your sworn translation quickly and easily via the online store. And exactly when you have time.

What are certified translations?

Wherever you need to submit official documents and they are not in the local language, you must have them translated. In order for the translation to be officially recognized, it is usually necessary for the translation to be done by a sworn translator.

The sworn translator then confirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation with his stamp and signature.

The certified translation is therefore official and officially recognized.

Das Bild zeigt eine beglaubigte Übersetzung.

Do I need a notary certified translation?

In Germany there is no such thing as a notary certified translation.

Anyone who has been sworn in as a translator by a court in Germany may produce certified translations.

Extra certification from the notary is unnecessary.

For use abroad, the certified translation might be over-certified by the competent court.

How much does document translation cost?

The cost of a certified translation depends on the volume of your documents and the languages. 

You can find the document you need translated in the store. We offer them at a fixed price – without hidden costs and nasty surprises.


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