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When do you need a certified Dutch-German translation?

If you need to submit documents from the Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao or Belgium in Germany, you will need to submit the officially certified translation from Dutch into German.

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We can provide you with a certified translation of your Dutch marriage certificate, your birth certificate from Aruba, your university degree from Curaçao and many other Dutch documents and certificates into German.

Simply select the appropriate document from the store, upload a picture of your document and order the certified translation Dutch-German at any time of the day.

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After the specified processing time, you will receive your certified translation from Dutch conveniently at home or as a digitally certified translation with a qualified electronic signature (qeS).

Who is allowed to certifie translations from Dutch to German?

Translator is not a protected profession in Germany. However, not everyone is allowed to make certified translations.

However, not everyone is allowed to make certified translations.

The designation of translators as well as the requirements they have to fulfill vary depending on the federal state.

In Stuttgart, one speaks of a “publicly appointed and sworn translator of documents”, in Berlin of an “authorized translator”, but in Frankfurt of a “generally authorized translator”.

In Hamburg and Saarland translators are “sworn”, while in Saxony, Schleswig Holstein and Berlin they are “sworn”.

Our Dutch translator Philipp is sworn in Schleswig-Holstein.

Is the certified translation valid everywhere?

The interpreting laws of the individual federal states all provide for proof of professional and personal suitability, but in Germany, according to Section 142 (3) of the Code of Civil Procedure, the only decisive factor is that the translator has been “authorized or publicly appointed in accordance with the provisions of state law”.

Apostille to your Dutch documents

In order for your Dutch documents to be valid in Germany, they usually have to be certified. This means that they are legalized or provided with an apostille.

Your certificates and documents from almost all countries where Dutch is the official language will be certified with the Apostille:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Suriname
  • Aruba
  • Sint Maarten
  • Curaçao

Here you can find an overview of all countries for which the Apostille Convention applies in connection with Germany and documents therefore do not have to be legalized.

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