Certified Translation Spanish-German-Spanish

Certified translations from Spanish to German and from German to Spanish are available quickly and easily through the shop.

Please specify which document you need translated from or into Spanish and from which country it is.

You can receive the certified German-Spanish translation either directly certified for Spain or with the additional certification for Latin America.

Welche Sprache hat dein Dokument
Which category does the document belong to?
Which country was the document issued in?

When do you need the certified translation from Spanish to German or from German to Spanish?

If you need to submit Spanish documents in Germany, you will need to provide the officially certified translation from Spanish to German.

Conversely, if you need to submit German documents in a Spanish-speaking country, you will need to have them translated into Spanish.

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I am extremely satisfied with the translation.
Dirk BallhausenDirk Ballhausen
11:48 21 Jun 22
Wow .. my express translation including certification of a registration confirmation / order was delivered within 24 hours .. fantastic .. and helped me a lot . Thank you very much
Karsten ErdmannKarsten Erdmann
10:11 22 Jun 21
I needed a certified translation for a sales contract relatively urgently. Everything went great. Contact was made quickly, I received a fair offer and, bang, I had my translation. Very friendly communication. I can only recommend.
Anna WiederholdAnna Wiederhold
08:25 18 Jun 21
Daniel HDaniel H
11:28 03 Jul 23
Translated and arrived super fast. Thanks very much
06:43 21 Sep 22
Adriana VegaAdriana Vega
16:37 30 Jan 24
Excellent service and fulfillment… fast, without problems. 10/10
Jorge RossiJorge Rossi
14:21 16 Nov 23
Very friendly, quick response, and great service. A 10 out of 10.
16:39 11 Jul 23
Ordered the certified translation of a birth certificate as a rush order on Sunday evening and it was already in the mail on Tuesday! Great quality and extremely fast!

Sworn Translation Spanish-German-Spanish

Order your certified Translation German-Spanish-German

You can obtain the certified translation of your german birth certificate, certificate of good conduct, or high school diploma into Spanish, as well as the official german translation of your spanish marriage certificate, Mexican university degree, certificate of single status from Cuba, and many more documents.

Simply select the appropriate document from the shop, upload a picture of your certificate, and order the certified translation at any time of the day. After the specified processing time, you will receive your certified translation conveniently at home or as an digitally certified translation with a qualified electronic signature (qeS).

Who is authorized to create certified translations in Germany?

Translator is not a regulated profession in Germany. However, not everyone is allowed to produce certified translations.

The designation of translators and the requirements they must meet vary depending on the federal state.

In Stuttgart, they are referred to as “publicly appointed and sworn document translators”, in Berlin as “authorized translators”, but in Frankfurt as “generally authorized translators”.

In Hamburg and Saarland, translators are “sworn in”, while in Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, and Berlin they are “sworn”.

In other countries as well, only sworn translators are allowed to produce official translations.

Our Spanish translators are officially recognized in both Germany and Spain. If your Spanish translation is intended for another country, it may need additional certification. You can find out more about this below.

Is the certified translation valid throughout Germany?

The individual interpreter laws all require proof of professional and personal suitability; therefore, in Germany, according to Section 142 (3) of the german Code of Civil Procedure, it is only crucial that the translator has been “authorized or publicly appointed according to the state laws”.

Does the certified translation replace the original document?

The sworn translator, unlike notaries, is not endowed with public faith. Therefore, for example, we are not authorized to certify copies.

The certified translation serves as a reading aid and does not replace the original.

You must therefore submit your certified translation together with your original Spanish document.

To facilitate identification, we adhere to the layout of the original, which we always attach to the certified translation.

Using documents abroad - What do you need to consider?!

Using German public documents is naturally valid in Germany. However, if you want to use them abroad, it’s a different story.

To prove abroad that your birth certificate is authentic or that you really obtained your diploma from a German university, you need an apostille or legalization. Conversely, the same applies if you want to present your Spanish-language documents in Germany.

This additional certification usually also needs to be translated, so you will need it before ordering the translation.

For German documents, we offer an apostille service. We take care of all steps, from obtaining the apostille to the fully certified translated document. Please use the contact form if you need assistance with the legally secure use of your documents.

Exceptions within the EU

Thanks to Regulation (EU) 2016/1191, many civil status documents within the EU are exempt from the apostille requirement. In the case of multilingual forms, translation may also be waived. However, the emphasis is on “may.” Make sure to inquire in advance with the relevant authority, and if you still require the certified Spanish translation, you benefit from the fact that our translators are sworn in both Spain and Germany.

Apostille and Legalization - What should be considered?

Firstly, you need to know that you cannot choose the authentication process; it is regulated by international treaties.

Then, you must differentiate whether your original document needs to be authenticated, or the translation, or both.

Here, we provide you with an overview of what applies to over-legalization with which countries in connection with Germany. Always inquire precisely with the relevant authority before commissioning to understand the requirements your documents and translations must meet.

Translation with Apostille

Between Germany and these countries, the Apostille Agreement applies:

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela


That means for you:

Certified translation Spanish-German

Make sure your original documents are apostilled in the country of origin and order the certified translation of the apostille at the same time.

Official translation German-Spanish

Make sure your original documents in Germany are apostilled, or let us procure the apostilles for you.

The apostille must also be translated, and the certified translation may need additional certification.

If you need the translation for Spain, over-certification of the translation is not necessary – order the translation directly with the Spanish stamp.

Translation with Legalization

Between Germany and

  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic


the Apostille Agreement does not apply. Documents must be legalized through a multi-stage process to be effective abroad.

That means for them:

Official translation Spanish-German

Ensure that your original documents are legalized by the competent authorities in the country of origin and the German diplomatic mission so that they are recognized in Germany.

Certified translation German-Spanish

Make sure your German documents are pre-certified and legalized, or use our apostille service.

You can order your Spanish translation directly in the shop with additional certification and receive it with pre-certification by German authorities.

For recognition abroad, you will still need to have them legalized by the relevant diplomatic mission.

Of course, we are also happy to take care of the entire package: Please send us your documents and let us know what you need.

Individual quote for your certified Spanish-German translation