About us

We are a small translation agency from Leipzig, Germany, specialized in translating official documents. This is due to our belief that your personal documents belong in the hands of experts.

uebersetzungen.kaufen exclusively works with selected sworn translators specialized in translating certificates and official documents. This way, we ensure customer satisfaction and products of the highest quality.

Who is the Team?

Certified translations are our passion. That is why our team consists of selected, experienced translators. 

Here you can get to know us better.


Julia is a publicly appointed and sworn translator for Spanish and Catalan as well as a sworn translator for German in Spain.

She specializes in translating official documents and legal texts and runs uebersetzungen.kaufen.


Bruno is a publicly appointed and sworn translator for Spanish and English.

At uebersetzungen.kaufen, he mainly handles translating official documents and certificates from English. He further supports Julia with spanish documents.


Philipp works as a sworn translator for Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Portuguese and besides his passion for Scandinavian cinema, he also has a heart for document translation.

For uebersetzungen.kaufen he handles certified translations from the Nordic languages and is also responsible for all Portuguese-speaking countries.


Adriana is a court authorized translator for Spanish and French and provides certified translations of all French-language documents for uebersetzungen.kaufen.

How about you?

Are you a freelance translator and sworn/authorized for a language that is not yet in the store? Are you passionate about formatting and just love accurately translating official documents? If so, just get in touch with Julia and become a part of our team!