Sworn translation Ecuador Birth Register Extract

Certified Translation Ecuador: Birth Register Extract Spanish-German

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  • Price: 60,00 €  incl. shipping
  • Processing time: 4 business days
  • Digitally signed (QES) option: yes
  • Express delivery option: yes

Certified German Translation of your Birth Register Extract from Ecuador

Get your official sworn translation of your birth register extract from Ecuador into German for the official use in Germany. Our translations are carried out by publicly appointed and sworn translators in Germany for the Spanish language. Please order the birth certificate from Ecuador if yours isn’t an extract as shown in the sample.

Sometimes the apostille must also be translated. You can order the certified translation of the apostille from Ecuador at the same time if you also add it to the shopping cart.

Processing Time and Express Translation

Normally it takes about 4 working days till we will send you the German translation of your birth certificate. If you need it more urgent, we can get it ready in 2 working days if you order the express translation of your document from Ecuador.

Shipping options

We will send you the sworn translation of your birth register extract from Ecuador as a priority letter with Deutsche Post.

You can also get the German translation of the extract of your birth certificate as an electronically signed PDF with QES. Make sure you can use it that way, though, as German offices are still a bit behind in digitization.

Wie funktioniert's?

Über den Online-Shop kommst du schnell und unkompliziert zu deiner beglaubigten Übersetzung. Und zwar genau dann, wenn du gerade Zeit hast.

How does it work?

You can order your sworn translation quickly and easily via the online store. And exactly when you have time.