Sworn translation India Statement of Marks

Certified Translation India: Statement of Marks

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  • Processing time: 4 working days
  • Digitally certified translation possible (qeS): Yes
  • Express translation possible: Yes

Certified translation school report India: English-German

You will receive the certified translation of your school report from India by a sworn English translator in Germany.

When do you need the certified translation of your school report from India?
Recognition bodies, universities and training companies throughout Germany officially recognize the certified translation of your school report from English into German.

You need the certified translation, for example, if you went to school in India and want to do vocational training in Germany. Also, if you need to have the equivalence of your school leaving certificate recognized, you will need the certified translation into German.

Recognition of Indian school-leaving qualification

You can find more information about the recognition of your school leaving certificate from India in Germany on the official websites Anerkennung in Deutschland and Make it in Germany.

Apostille for your certificate from India

The apostille confirms the authenticity of your certificate in India for use in Germany. You may also need to have the apostille translated.

If you also need the certified translation of the apostille, you can easily order it with the product “India Apostille“.

Processing time and express translation

The processing time is approx. 4 working days from order, depending on the volume.

You are in a hurry? Book your translation as an express translation and it will be ready for shipment within two working days.

Wie funktioniert's?

Über den Online-Shop kommst du schnell und unkompliziert zu deiner beglaubigten Übersetzung. Und zwar genau dann, wenn du gerade Zeit hast.

How does it work?

You can order your sworn translation quickly and easily via the online store. And exactly when you have time.