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You need a certified translation whenever you need to present official documents that are not written in the local language.

Our translators are sworn or authorized as document translators in Germany.

If your translation is not in the German language, it may be necessary to have the translation over-certified. Please find out in advance exactly which formalities your certified translation and your original documents must fulfill.

Documents from Morocco: Certified Translation to German

You have a diploma, a marriage certificate or a single certificate from Morocco in French and would like to have it translated into German?

We will be happy to do it for you!

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Certified translation of official documents from Morocco for use in Germany – What to consider?

If you want to use your official Moroccan documents in Germany, there are a few things to consider so that you don’t spend money or lose time unnecessarily.

Before you order your certified French-German translation, you should gather important information. For example:

Do you need an apostille?

“It’s complicated.” Unfortunately, this is true not only for the relationship status between Morocco and Germany regarding apostilles, but also for you if you need to recognize a Moroccan document for use in Germany. This can be quite a marathon with the authorities – the most important for you in a nutshell:

Official documents are initially only valid in the country of issue, in your case in Morocco.

In order for your official Moroccan document to be accepted in Germany, it needs to be legalized. This means that in a multi-stage procedure, Moroccan and German authorities must confirm that the document is genuine.

Actually, Morocco has been a member of the Hague Convention since 2016. Membership facilitates international document circulation and frees the respective country and you as a citizen from the obligation to legalize official documents in an elaborate procedure if they are to be used abroad.

However, Germany does not recognize Morocco’s membership in the Hague Convention.

This means that Moroccan documents still have to be legalized in a multi-stage procedure for use in Germany. As a rule, it works like this:

Legalization of Moroccan documents

Step 1:

First pre-certification of your original document at the 1st instance court in the place where the document was issued.

Step 2:

Second pre-certification at a representation of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rabat or in Tangier, Nador, Agadir, Beni Mellal.

Step 3:

Legalization by the Legal and Consular Section of the German Embassy in Rabat or the (German) Honorary Consuls in Agadir and Casablanca, if the document was created in their official district.

Important information about the legalization procedure of your Moroccan documents can be found here:

  • Leaflet of the German embassy for legalization
  • Service provider of the German embassy in Rabat, who accepts your documents for legalization
  • General information about the use of documents in Germany – Information from the German Foreign Office

Important for you to know: Such a legalization procedure can be quite costly. You have to bear the costs for the pre-certification and legalization yourself. You may have to pay several hundred euros.

Also, the processing in the authorities and the postal routes often take a long time. For the legalization of your document you have to expect several weeks to months.

If you simply want to have your school-leaving certificate recognized as quickly as possible so that you can start your education or marry your partner, this marathon with the authorities can be quite exhausting.

We are happy to support you in this process, because: Well translated documents create trust.

It’s best to get legalization for your documents first. This way you can be sure that the German authorities will recognize the authenticity of the document when you present your certificate of unmarried status or your Baccalauréat degree.

The legalization worked and you finally have the stamp from the German embassy for your document? The most strenuous stage is already over – congratulations!

Now it’s time for the final spurt: For the recognition of your Moroccan documents in Germany, you only need a certified translation into German.

This is the last stage of your marathon with the authorities. But you don’t have to run it alone. While we do the translation for you, you can sit back and relax.

What else is there to consider for Moroccan documents?

  • First of all, always check with the authority for which you need your document whether legalization is required. Sometimes authorities recognize a foreign document as genuine without further proof. This is decided by the authority in Germany where the document is to be used.
  • For legalization by the German embassy, your documents must always be in the original, certified photocopies are not sufficient.
    You have to bear the costs for the legalization yourself.
  • It is also important for you: legalized civil status documents are often only valid for a limited period of time. It can happen that German authorities and courts no longer recognize certain civil status documents if they are older than six months. Always check with the authorities about the deadlines within which you have to present your certificate so that you do not get any unpleasant surprises.

Does the certified translation replace the original Moroccan document?

Unlike notaries, sworn translators do not have public credentials. Therefore, we are not authorized to certify your copies, for example.

The certified translation has the status of a reading aid – it does not replace the original.

So remember: You usually have to present your certified translation together with your original Moroccan document.

We always keep the layout to the original so that everything can be matched at first glance. The original is always attached to the certified translation. Submit it together with your Moroccan document.

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